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Disability Compensation
When individuals no longer have access to their full income due to a workplace injury, their financial stability can be negatively impacted.

Disability Insurance benefits
Disability insurance benefits are designed to provide financial assistance to sick or injured individuals who are unable to work.

Temporary Total Disability
Temporary total disability means that an individual will be unable to work while recovering from their illness or injury but that they will be able to return to work once their recovery is complete.

Temporary Partial Disability
Temporary partial disability benefits are designed to supplement the difference in an individual's salary while they are recovering from their injury.

Social Security Benefits
Social Security is a benefits program operated by the government that is designed to provide financial assistance to retired, disabled, or widowed Americans.

Veterans Disability Benefit
According to the United States code, individuals eligible for veterans benefits include anyone that has actively served in the military, air, or naval services.

Disability Claim for Social Security
In order to qualify for one of these social security disability benefits programs, individuals must provide evidence that they are disabled according to the definition of "disability" as established by the Social Security Administration. .

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Social Security Benefits Attorney

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Social security is a benefits program operated by the government that is designed to provide financial assistance to retired, disabled, or widowed Americans. The way social security works is quite simple. During the time an individual is employed, a percentage of their earnings is paid into the social security system. Individuals that become disabled and who have paid into the social security system may be eligible to receive monthly social security disability benefits. However, the individual's eligibility to claim these benefits will be based on whether or not the individual's circumstances satisfy the social security system's requirements to receive benefits. Individuals applying for social security disability benefits should be aware that approximately 60 percent of initial claims are denied. It may take individuals years to obtain the social security benefits they both need and deserve. Most individuals do not have years to wait, and that is why they retain the services of social security benefits attorneys.

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Why Social Security Disability Claims are Denied

There are several reasons why claims submitted for social security disability benefits are denied. Three of the most common reasons for the denial of a claim include:

  • Important, pertinent, and relevant information is missing from the application
  • The individual's medical records may be inappropriate for some reason
  • The facts and circumstances of the case may not be presently clearly and concisely

All of the above factors can lead to the denial of an individual's social security disability benefits. When disabled individuals retain the services of an experienced social security benefits attorney, they will have a better chance at having their claim approved. A social security benefits lawyer will work diligently to ensure the case is presented in a manner in which the individual will be granted the disability benefits to which they are entitled. Because the process of securing the benefits an individual needs can be both frustrating and taxing, it is vital that individuals have a social security benefits lawyer that will be on their side. The attorneys employed by social security benefits law firms understand the importance of obtaining the benefits their clients require in an expedient and judicious manner.

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits

To apply for social security disability benefits there are a number of steps that individuals must take. The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides an adult disability checklist that details that information individuals will need to before submitting an application. After reviewing this checklist, individuals will then be required to complete a disability benefit application as well as an adult disability report. The application will provide the SSA with the information they need regarding eligibility, and the disability report will provide the SSA with pertinent medical and work history. While these forms may seem straightforward, individuals may not have the experience they need to satisfactorily complete these forms. In order for individuals to have a better chance at receiving the benefits they need, they should contact social security benefits lawyers for assistance.

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If you need help securing your social security disability benefits, do not hesitate to contact a social security benefits attorney. Call today and receive the benefits you need more quickly.


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