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Disability Compensation
When individuals no longer have access to their full income due to a workplace injury, their financial stability can be negatively impacted.

Disability Insurance benefits
Disability insurance benefits are designed to provide financial assistance to sick or injured individuals who are unable to work.

Temporary Total Disability
Temporary total disability means that an individual will be unable to work while recovering from their illness or injury but that they will be able to return to work once their recovery is complete.

Temporary Partial Disability
Temporary partial disability benefits are designed to supplement the difference in an individual's salary while they are recovering from their injury.

Social Security Benefits
Social Security is a benefits program operated by the government that is designed to provide financial assistance to retired, disabled, or widowed Americans.

Veterans Disability Benefit
According to the United States code, individuals eligible for veterans benefits include anyone that has actively served in the military, air, or naval services.

Disability Claim for Social Security
In order to qualify for one of these social security disability benefits programs, individuals must provide evidence that they are disabled according to the definition of "disability" as established by the Social Security Administration. .

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If you need legal assistance for your Disability & Social Security case, please consult with a local professional Disability & Social Security Attorney to discuss your case.

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Understanding Disability Compensation

Worker's compensation laws can sometimes be complex and confusing to those unfamiliar with their language and meaning. For this reason, it is imperative that workplace injury victims seek the legal advice and guidance offered by the attorneys at a reputable disability compensation law firm. There are two types of disability compensation for which an injured individual may be eligible: temporary disability compensation and permanent disability compensation.

* Temporary disability compensation – if upon examination by a medical professional an individual is deemed unable to work for at least 3 calendar days, the individual may be entitled to temporary disability compensation. The amount of compensation to which the individual may be entitled will be based on whether the temporary disability is classified as a total disability or a partial disability. This classification can significantly impact the amount of compensation an individual receives; therefore, it will be in the best interests of the injured individual to be represented by a knowledgeable disability compensation attorney.

* Permanent disability compensation – the amount of compensation benefits paid to an individual with a permanent disability will be based on the percentage of permanent disability from which an individual is suffering. The percentage will be determined by a medical professional. Upon determination of the permanent disability percentage, the individuals benefits will be calculated. These benefits will be calculated by using the employee's average weekly wage and the state's average weekly wage. To ensure that the permanent disability percentage is calculated correctly and that the individual receives all of the compensation to which they may be entitled, the services of a disability compensation lawyer may be required.

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A Disability & Social Security attorney will fight for your rights and work diligently to ensure you receive the financial compensation to which you may be entitled.

Our Social Security Disability lawyers help those have been denied benefits and help with a variety of related aspects, including but not limited to the following:

- Reconsideration
- The Appeals Council
- Federal appeals
- Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearings

If you have been denied SSI or SSDI compensation, contact us today. We will act fast and work aggressively to get you the benefits, coverage and monetary support you need. Our lawyers represent adults and children with a wide range of incapacities. Some of these types of disabilities include mental disability claims and spinal cord disability claims, in addition to claims for those over the age of 50. Our attorneys are focused on offering personalized legal counsel, and service tailored to their specific needs.

We comprehend the issues clients often deal with, the steps and proof needed to be awarded SSD and SSI compensation, and the apprehensions that many clients frequently have, in addition to the many questions that often arise throughout the process. Our lawyers are always readily available to help clients evaluate their claims with different options for contact, which is especially helpful if a disability makes it difficult to travel to and from a lawyer's office. Contact our lawyers today to discuss your concerns with a skilled Social Security Disability lawyer.

Social Security Appeals

The deadline for all Social Security disability benefit appeals is 60 days from the date of an applicant being notified of the rejection. Since many people believe that applicants are notified five days from the date the decision was made, unless there is proof otherwise, the deadline is 65 days from the date of the decision.

Do you or a loved one have to appeal a denial for Social Security disability benefits? Our Social Security disability attorneys are here to help! Contact a Social Security disability lawyer in your area today to learn more about appealing Social Security disability lawyers.

Our Social Security disability attorneys help clients with a variety of disability practice areas, including but not limited to the following:

- Applying for benefits online
- Applying for benefits by phone
- Talking to SSA
- Disability forms
- Permanent Disability
- Proving disability
- Functional capacity
- Appeal forms
- Grid rules
- The listings

If you need legal assistance for your Disability & Social Security case, please consult with a local professional Disability & Social Security Attorney to discuss your case.

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